Segway Drift W1

April 19, 2019

Currently available: $469  Visit their site to learn more

You’ve seen Segways – whether it’s those Segway tours around town or your local mall cop zipping around on one making sure everything’s safe. Now, Segway has a new way to get around and have fun. It’s the Drift W1, self-balancing e-skates that are a little like a cross between a hoverboard and a pair of roller skates. They’re supposed to be relatively easy to learn to use; just lean forward to accelerate and shift your body weight back and forth to steer. It can reach top speeds of about 7.5 mph, managing hills of up to 10 degrees, and it’s portable, weighing it at under 8 pounds. A full charge gives you 45 minutes of riding time with a recharge time of 3 hours. For a different kind of fun on two wheels, try the¬†Segway Drift W1.