Zapata Flyride

June 8, 2018

Currently available: $6,000  Visit their site to learn more

Soaring through the air or across the water…you can do it all with the Zapata Flyride! It looks a little like a jet ski/snowmobile with water jets on either side. Operating similarly to a regular jet ski, it has additional controls that allow you to move up and down and internal sensors and electronics that maintain your balance and keep you upright. That is unless you want to spin, then hit the “barrel roll” button, and hang on for a wild ride!  Reach top speeds of 22 mph with a battery life of up to seven hours of riding time. Just attach it to the propulsion of another personal watercraft with at least a 300-horsepower motor to fully support all the functions. For fun on the water, check out Zapata Flyride!