UNiTE Food Bars

August 28, 2023

Currently available: $29 (12 bars)  Visit their site to learn more

Unique flavors to tickle your taste buds! Our friends at UNiTE Food brings us some bars that are inspired by a “global sampling of nostalgic, childhood flavors”. Take a trip around the world with flavors like Mexican Hot Chocolate, Churro, Baklava, Bubble Tea and a tried and true American favorite, PB and Jelly. Packing in the protein at 9-10 grams, a good amount of fiber at 5 grams, and an ideal calorie range of 180-190, these bars will give you sustainable energy in a nutrient dense package. They are great for a healthy snack between meals, a post-workout nosh, or a nibble on the trails. Incorporating ingredients like creamy almond or peanut butter, heart-healthy hemp hearts, and crunchy nuts, they are all gluten free and satisfyingly delicious. For out of the ordinary flavors, reach for UNiTE Food Bars on your next TrailblazerGirl adventure!