ODYSSEY Prebiotic Protein Bars

November 21, 2022

Currently available: $17.99  Visit their site to learn more

A snack that’s good for your gut! Just released this year, ODYSSEY Prebiotic Protein Bars are formulated to support your digestive health. Armed with prebiotic fiber, specifically chicory root, this specialized plant fiber acts like fertilizer to stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria (or probiotics) in your gut, AKA your microbiome. Thus by feeding your microbiome, the healthy bacteria can break down and digest your food more easily, leading to an enhanced immune system and a more healthy you! You’ll also find a special blend of superfoods like kale, spinach and quinoa crisps, and you won’t find any sugar alcohols or alternative sweeteners. Bars contain 190-220 calories, 4-10 grams of dietary fiber, and 13-16 grams of protein. Choose from 3 whey-based bars: Mocha Chocolate Crisp, Banana Chocolate Chip, and Mint Chocolate Brownie and 3 plant-based bars: Dark Chocolate Almond (our fave!), Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Vanilla Blueberry. Fuel your next TrailblazerGirl hike with the delicious, gut-friendly ODYSSEY Prebiotic Protein Bars!