Marmot Women’s Ski Camp

February 28, 2012

Currently available: $1095  Visit their site to learn more

This is how we’d approach it. First, take a very long look at the oh-so beautiful Lake Louise (in Banff, Alberta). Fuse that image into your memory. Then, turn-around and don’t look back because this is going to be tough. The Marmot Women’s Ski Camp, coming up soon March 9 – 13 (2012), is for those die-hards who think ski lifts are for wimps. You’ll be hiking up the hill and skiing, and hiking up more, and skiing and camping and, oh boy, it sounds tough. You’ll need to be a pretty accomplished skier and be prepared to hike with up to 40 lbs of gear on your back for several hours. This will be one of those stories you share with your grandkids.