January 9, 2023

Currently available: €35+  Visit their site to learn more

Over one million packages saved from landfills! Our friends at Garbags are on a mission to “inspire people and companies to think about the waste they create in everyday life and start seeing it in a different light”. They have created a collection of practical products made from materials that would normally be destined for the landfill. What type of materials are used? A variety of materials like the Tetrapak packages used for milk and juice, coffee packages, toothpaste tubes, shampoo and shower gel bottles, chocolate wrappers, chips and snacks packages, pet food packages, and more. The used packages are donated by people, restaurants, local associations, and collected at specially held events, and in return they get fun rewards made with their own materials. The strong, durable items make for colorful and lasting components in the Garbags wallets, notebook covers, backpacks, and purses. How clever and sustainable! All the products are individually cut and handmade in Portugal. Leave the world a better place and upcycle with Garbags!