Suited Nomad Ultralight Compression Packing Cubes

November 6, 2023

Currently available: $36.95  Visit their site to learn more

A holiday travel must-have! Our friends at Suited Nomad are looking out for traveling TrailblazerGirls with their Ultralight Compression Packing Cubes. To facilitate organization and maximize space so that you have everything that you’ll need for your trip, compression packing cubes make all the difference. The ones from Suited Nomad are super lightweight, yet are very durable and well-made out of rip stop nylon and sturdy zippers. All you have to do is fill the cubes with clothes, close the top zipper, and then squeeze out the air, and compress the bag with the second zipper that wraps around all the sides. Now the bags that were 4 inches in depth, are only 1.5 inches in depth – how great is that! The set includes 1 extra large bag that’s ideal for those bulky sweaters and ski pants, 2 large bags for jeans and tops, 2 medium size bags for smaller items like socks and undergarments, and a handy clear bag for toiletries or miscellaneous odds and ends like charger cords and snacks. All the bags have handles on the top making them easier to grab the bags whether they’re in a suitcase or a backpack. As we get ready for holiday travel, the Suited Nomad Ultralight Compression Packing Cubes are travel accessory essentials!