Washington’s Salmon Spawning Season

November 6, 2020

Currently available: Free  Visit their site to learn more

Go fish go! Fall is that special time of year when leaves are turning color, and here in Washington state, another special event occurs…the salmon are spawning! Salmon species include Chinook (AKA king) Coho (AKA silver), sockeye (AKA red salmon), pink (AKA humpy), and chum (AKA dog salmon), and the link above takes you to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife for a list of some of the rivers, streams, and creeks where they can be found. These tenacious salmon battle the currents to swim upstream to lay their eggs in the place where they were born and die soon after spawning, becoming an important part of the ecosystem. Best viewing is in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the glare on the water, and remember to bring the polarized glasses to see the salmon run!