BlackStrap Civil Masks

October 6, 2020

Currently available: $16  Visit their site to learn more

Protect yourself and everyone around you with the Civil Masks from our friends at BlackStrap. When you head outside, wearing a mask should be as automatic as putting on your sunscreen, but there’s no reason that you can’t show some style with your mask choice. At BlackStrap, you can opt for flowers, colorful Hawaiian prints, tie dye, camo, solid colored masks, or fun themes like goats and bananas (yes, together!) and smiley alien heads. All are made from upcycled fabric, in other words, fabric that would have been sent to landfills. The masks are designed out of an outer fabric that is tightly woven (key for protection purposes) and a breathable mesh liner (key for all-day comfort).They are machine washable and dryable, though they are quick drying so you may not need to pop them in the dryer. As an added bonus, for every mask sold, BlackStrap donates a mask to someone in need, having already donated over 60,000 masks! Upgrade your mask wardrobe (and do something good, too!) with the BlackStrap Civil Masks!