October 5, 2020

Currently available: $19.99  Visit their site to learn more

The must-have travel item during these COVID-19-times! Soarigami is a novel invention that will ease tension when you’re in close quarters and sharing an armrest. This paper airplane-shaped, patented gadget is made from recycled plastic and clamps onto an existing seat armrest. It allows you and your seat mate to each have your own place to rest your arm on a padded surface with a divider in between. The device can be adjusted to fit securely on a range of armrest widths, and since it perches completely on top of the armrest, it does encroach on your sitting space. The tapered design also ensure that it won’t be sticking into your side. It folds flat for convenient portability on your next airline flight, train trip, bus ride, or even movie theater.¬†End the elbow wars with Soarigami!