Editor’s Top Finds of 2017: Most Innovative Adventure Items

January 5, 2018


We reviewed a lot of innovative adventure items in 2017, so our TrailblazerGirl editorial team had a difficult time deciding on the top 3 items, but here are the ones that really stood out. First, the summer in one of our favorite cities, Vancouver, offered a unique, aerial dining experience with Dinner in the Sky. While sitting at a floating dining table, a gourmet, multi course meal was prepared and served to 23 lucky people with the ultimate view of the skyline at over 150 feet off the ground. Second, enhance your camping experience with the SmithFly Shoal Tent. It’s a novel tent with a 6 inch thick inflatable floor that can be detached and used as a raft. Third, the Leaos Solar E-Bike is a solar powered electric bike. The solar panels are fulling integrated into the frame of the bike, charging with direct and indirect sunlight, and one model of this sleek-looking bike can reach speeds of up to 28 mph. These are just a few of the most innovative adventure items reviewed in 2017, what were you favorites?