SmithFly Shoal Tent

November 9, 2017

Currently available: $1,499  Visit their site to learn more

Have tent, will float?! Yes, the SmithFly Shoal Tent is a floating tent! This unique tent has a 6 inch thick inflatable floor which acts as a raft, and instead of the usual poles to prop up the tent, the structural support system is inflatable. The top part of the tent can also be detached from the floor so that you can use the tent or the raft on its own. The tent is 8 x 8 ft and can accommodate people up to 6’3″ tall. Weighing in at about 50 pounds, it comes with a storage bag, foot pump, and patch kit. This is a new item that is scheduled to be available in late December or early January, so start planning an early spring camping or should we say, rafting trip!