Hocking Hills Butterfly Trail

April 14, 2023

Currently available: Free  Visit their site to learn more

Clouded Sulfur, Pearl Crescent, and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail are some of the butterflies that you’ll learn about on the new Hocking Hills Butterfly Trail. Located in southeastern Ohio, this free trail consists of 14 locations with photo op ready human sized butterfly wings representing the butterfly found in that region as well as informationĀ about each featured butterfly, its habitat, food sources, and positive environmental impact. Designed to encourage stewardship of our natural areas by demonstrating how important these pollinators are to the wellbeing of nature and wildlife, the trail includes a stop where you can witness the entire lifecycle of monarchs, from young caterpillars feeding (May-August) to their becoming chrysalides and finally, emerging as monarchs (late August-October). At theĀ another stop, guided hikes traversing 21 acres of native pollinator-friendly prairie, forest and gardens are offered. Flitter over to the Hocking Hills Butterfly Trail for a fun and informative experience!