Gravity X

November 9, 2017

Currently available: $29.95  Visit their site to learn more

Don’t risk getting a ticket or worse, getting in an accident! Get Gravity X and safely secure your phone in your car. We depend on our phones to navigate the way to that new hiking trail, off the beaten track camping site, or unspoiled lake for our TrailblazerGirl adventures, and now there’s a new way to safely display your phone in your car. Gravity X mounts to any flat part of your dashboard or with the help of their handy bracket, to any seam in your dashboard. Once it’s set up, your phone is perfectly angled for you to see it clearly, hands-free! A patent-pending system uses the weight of your phone and soft silicone pads to lock it in place without damage to your phone. This works with any size device, and we found that our phone stayed put through sharp turns, quick stops, and bumps along the road. For a unique, innovative design that works, check out Gravity X!