Race Across America

March 15, 2017

Currently available: $3,025+  Visit their site to learn more

Coming June 13, 2017. The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race. The Race Across America, or RAAM, is an iconic race in its 35th year that traverses the continent. The race start on the west coast in Oceanside, California and travels approximately 3000 miles to the east coast, finishing in Annapolis, Maryland. Here are some impressive stats: it crosses 12 states, climbs 175,000 feet with the lowest elevation at 170 feet below sea level and the highest elevation at more than 10,000 feet above sea level, and it is a not a stage race. Yes, sleep is optional, since once the clock starts, it does not stop until the finish line. Yikes! It’s open to professional and amateur cyclists. Solo racers must qualify to compete, however anyone may organize a 2-, 4- or 8-person relay team. Solo racers have a maximum of 12 days to finish (the fastest completed the race in under 8 days!), and teams have a maximum of 9 days to finish (the fasted team completed the race in just over 5 days!). RAAM is certainly a true test of endurance, both physical and mental.