SmartFlare Products

January 12, 2017

Currently available: $15.95+  Visit their site to learn more

Clever, clever design! We are thrilled to share the SmartFlare product line with you: LED Combo Light,  SwivelProLED, and SwivelClip. Yes, they are flashlights but not just any ordinary flashlight; they have some cool features that are VERY handy. All are ultra bright, LED lights with multiple modes of lighting, weather resistant, and have innovative, magnetic bases that allow them to be attached to metal surfaces. The LED Combo Light is the big daddy of the group: 360 degree lighting with visibility over a mile away, flashlight and flare mode, and great as a camping lantern or flashlight. It was particularly useful when recently installing car chains on the way to the mountains. We just attached the light to the side of the car above the tire with the magnetic base, and it instantly provided light for installing the chains as well as acting as a superb safety feature by alerting other cars to our presence. The SwivelProLED has a lanyard clip for attaching to a belt loop or backpack, a swivel feature so that you can aim the light exactly where you need it, and is small enough to slip in your pocket. The SwivelClip is the newest of the group, and this little baby has the handy swivel feature also, is USB rechargeable, and has a convenient clip so that you can attach it to your hat, shirt, jacket, tent flap, or bag. We love the whole, multipurpose family, and we know you will find them very valuable wherever TrailblazerGirl adventures take you!