AlignMe Capri

March 21, 2016

Currently available: $95  Visit their site to learn more

Look no further, we have found your soon-to-be best-loved pair of capris! Those wonderful folks at AlignMed that introduced us to the Posture Shirt, AlignMe, and Gel-Lign Shoe Inserts, have yet another awesome product – the AlignMe Capri. As you’ve probably guessed, these capris have that extraordinary NeuroBand Technology incorporated on the inside of the capris to stimulate your glute muscles (read: work out those butt muscles just by wearing them!). This translates into an unbelievably flattering fit that also improves your balance and strength. We found them to be super comfortable for all our workouts from gym activities to yoga to hiking and biking. We appreciated the flatlock seams so there wasn’t any chaffing, the small hidden waistband pocket to hold a key and money, and the soft, moisture wicking fabric, but most of all, we loved how they made us look. Trust us, TrailblazerGirls, you too will be ecstatic with the look and feel of the AlignMe Capri!