Baleaf Sweatleaf Butterfly-Back Bra

April 5, 2023

Yet another winner from Baleaf’s Sweatleaf Collection! Earlier this week, we shared a great pair of leggings from this collection, and here’s an additional piece to include in your workout essentials list, the Sweatleaf Butterfly-Back Bra. From a practical standpoint, this sports bra has it all: wide shoulder straps to give you plenty of support […]

Baleaf Sweatleaf High-Rise 27” Leggings

April 3, 2023

A staple item to have in your workout wardrobe…it’s the black legging, of course! And our friends at Baleaf have a winner with their Sweatleaf High-Rise 27″ Leggings. In the past, we’ve share many practical pieces from Baleaf, from their Fleece Mountaineering Pants for hikes in the winter to their Racerback Lace-up Bikini for long-awaited beach […]

Teeki Hot Pants

January 8, 2019

Taking sustainability and conscious clothing to the max! Our friends at Teeki are serious about their vision of a “beautiful earth and a conscious community of lovers that care for the land, our oceans, and each other”. Their active wear is made using sustainable materials which are dyed and treated using an eco printing process that […]

Iron Lily Rise Above Tank

August 3, 2018

Oh so chic! The Rise Above Tank from our friends at Iron Lily certainly does rise above your ordinary workout top! This super stylish tank is crafted out of a high performance compression fabric that affords you with the right amount of support and multidirectional stretch that you need when giving it all to your […]

Senita Athletics Denali Leggings

October 24, 2017

All the bells and whistles but at a fraction of the cost! Our friends at Senita Athletics shared their Denali Leggings, and the whole TrailblazerGirl team is super impressed. Senita Athletics was founded almost 2 years ago by 2 smart, athletic sisters with the objective to design and produce quality activewear at an affordable price. Their online store […]

SHAPE Activewear Destiny Legging

October 12, 2017

No matter your shape, you’ll look great in the Destiny Legging from our friends at SHAPE Activewear. Thanks to their signature S-shaped seam/insert along each outer leg of the Destiny, there’s a slimming effect, and who wouldn’t be happy with that! Plus the insert has a mesh overlay with contrast color underneath for style and to flatter […]

Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge

October 10, 2017

Don’t let them bounce! A few years back, we introduced you to Shock Absorber, a fantastic company that takes especially good care of your breasts with research and careful design of some of the best sports bras out there. Their Active Zipped Plunge sports bra is a great example of this. It provides high impact support combined […]

Four Athletics 7/8 Omni Air Legging

October 2, 2017

Don’t break the bank when it comes to your TrailblazerGirl workout wardrobe! The folks at Four Athletics are delivering on a new concept for the retail industry: crowdfunding in order to get you what you want at 40-50% less than the usual retail price! Yes, that’s a big savings! Here’s how it works: take a look […]

AlphaCor Capri Pants

September 14, 2017

Bring out your inner alpha with the AlphaCor Capri Pants! AlphaCor’s mission is to help you Be Relentless – be passionate about what you do and to never settle. With their Capri Pant, that will be easy to do, since they are well made with a wide waistband so you won’t have to fuss with […]

YUNI Sweat, Refresh, Go

June 12, 2017

No time for a shower? No problem…with the Sweat, Refresh, Go kit from our friends at YUNI! This is the latest and greatest from a company that develops products that connect yoga and beauty by addressing three needs: (1) save time (Modern Convenience); (2) prolong and enhance the effects of yoga (Everyday Pleasures); and (3) recall […]

361 Degrees Bio-Speed

May 1, 2017

They’ve done it again! Our friends at 361 Degrees (remember the Ortega from last year?) have designed another fantastic all-around shoe that you’ll be jumping up and down for. The Bio-Speed is a lightweight (only 6.5 oz!) workout staple with some excellent features. A somewhat sticky rubber outsole with multiple flex grooves is patterned for […]

JUXU Sport Women’s Performance Full Legging

February 23, 2017

Stylish workout gear that performs. That’s the goal of our friends at JUXU Sport, and by the looks of things…we think they’re achieved their goal! The Women’s Performance Full Leggings and the Women’s Performance Long Sleeve Tee are the perfect pairing for your cool weather training. Both are constructed out of moisture wicking fabric that is breathable, comfortable, and holds […]

UR Sportswear Comfy Top Capri

November 8, 2016

Oh-so true to their name! Our friends at UR Sportswear shared their Comfy Top Capri with us, and yes, they are comfy! We love the wide waistband that stays put (and holds things in!) during all our yoga moves, spin classes, running sessions, hiking treks, and jaunts about town. The small, zippered pocket at the […]

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Stick

October 14, 2016

A cute name to go along with a fabulous, vegan-friendly deodorant! Our friends at Meow Meow Tweet (doesn’t that name just make you smile!) recently launched their deodorant in stick form. Formulated out of potent plant and mineral powders and just the right amount of essential oils, this deodorant is effective yet gentle on your skin. […]

Cory Vines The Path Heather Legging

September 26, 2016

A no-nonsense pair of leggings at an affordable price! Cory Vines is known for providing high quality activewear at reasonable prices, and we were impressed with The Path Heather Leggings! Designed in Canada, these leggings are made out of a medium weight fabric with a blend of nylon, polyester and just the right amount of […]

Degree Women’s Deodorant Stick and Dry Spray

September 15, 2016

Stay dry and fresh smelling…for longer! Let’s face it, we TrailblazerGirls sweat (some of us more than others!), and our friends at Degree have developed a unique breakthrough technology called MOTIONSENSE to help keep us protected even when we’re being our most active TrailblazerGirl-selves. With every movement, the MOTIONSENSE microcapsules burst, releasing fragrance and freshness for […]

Terramar MicroCool Tank

September 13, 2016

Yet another winner from the folks at Terramar! The MicroCool Tank will keep you comfortable and cool during your most strenuous (read: sweaty!) TrailblazerGirl activities . As with their ReFlex clothing, Terramar excels at developing innovative fabrics, and MicroCool is no exception with a special cooling system that enhances heat absorption and draws heat away from your skin, […]

Real Purity Deodorants

June 22, 2016

Stay fresh the natural way! Our friends at Real Purity shared their roll-on and women’s deodorant with us, and we put them through the TrailblazerGirl tests. Even with our most active (read: sweaty!) TrailblazerGirl adventures, these deodorants kept us smelling and feeling fresh. Best of all, they are free from parabens, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives, aluminum, lead, […]

Nature’s Gate Herbal Blend Lavender & Aloe Deodorant

June 13, 2016

The natural way to stay odor free! Our friends at Nature’s Gate have some great herbal blend deodorants. We tried the Lavender and Aloe, and it’s like stepping into a field of fresh lavender flowers. Other scent combinations include Chamomile and Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass and Clary Sage, and Tea Tree and Blue Cypress. All are […]

AlignMe Capri

March 21, 2016

Look no further, we have found your soon-to-be best-loved pair of capris! Those wonderful folks at AlignMed that introduced us to the Posture Shirt, AlignMe, and Gel-Lign Shoe Inserts, have yet another awesome product – the AlignMe Capri. As you’ve probably guessed, these capris have that extraordinary NeuroBand Technology incorporated on the inside of the […]


March 10, 2016

Get the job done…naturally! PiperWai is an amazing, natural, creme deodorant. This magical little pot of light grey “pit potion” is made with super-absorbent activated charcoal and a blend of 11 therapeutic-grade essential oils. Don’t be put off by the color, just take a pea size amount, rub it into your armpit, and presto, it’s […]

Hincapie X2 Tri Top and Shorts

July 22, 2015

The complete kit! The X2 Tri Top and Short by Hincapie hits all the marks for your next triathlon. With a snug but comfortable fit, the top and shorts are made out of an innovative fabric that is breathable, SPF 50+ rated, quick drying, and it reflects sunlight to keep you cool (very smart!). Other […]

Natural Fitness Wrist Assist Gloves

May 20, 2015

Sometimes you need a little helping hand…as long as it’s the Wrist Assist Gloves from Natural Fitness! A small gel pad embedded in the palm of these gloves gives you just enough cushion to take the pressure off your wrists but not too much to interfere with your sense of touch or your grip. Super […]

Inner Fire Bloom Capri

May 13, 2015

Let your inner beauty bloom with the Bloom Capri from our friends at Inner Fire! Not only do these capris look fantastic, but they’re also made out of recycled polyester (surprisingly from recycled plastic bottles!) and a touch of Spandex to help keep all your bits in place. The wide waistband along with the gusset […]