Outdoor Vitals Altitude Sun Hoodie

April 22, 2024

Currently available: $49.97  Visit their site to learn more

THE multipurpose top. The Altitude Sun Hoodie from our friends at Outdoor Vitals is going to be your next year-round essential item. Sure, as the name indicates, it’s designed to protect you from the sun thanks to a special sun blocking material which was tested extensively in high elevation sunlight with no sign of UV ray penetration. Also, the long sleeves, high collar, and hood provide complete coverage from the sun. But because it’s lightweight and breathable, in chilly weather, you can wear it over a tank as you head out for an early morning run or when you’re heading out for a trek through the mountains, then peel it off as you start to heat up. Plus, it has a comfortable, women-specific fit that is nonrestrictive and the fabric is moisturizing wicking, so it works great as a base layer for all your winter activities. On its own, over a tank, under a sweater, the outdoor Vitals Altitude Sun Hoodie is a fantastic addition to your TrailblazerGirl wardrobe!