Yukon Canoe and Bike with WomanTours

June 26, 2015

Currently available: $2,450  Visit their site to learn more

Coming July 9, and July 25, 2015. Adventure in the north! Join WomanTours for the Yukon Canoe and Bike tour. It’s a nine-day/eight-night mix of canoeing, camping, biking, hiking, and exploration. This is an active tour with 100 miles of canoeing down the Yukon River and with an average of 35 miles per day on mountain bikes across rolling terrain and unpaved roads. Expect a small group size of 10 participants. Included in the cost of the trip is 2 nights hotel lodging, 6 nights camping in provided tents, meals, snacks, canoes, mountain bikes, van support, and trained guides.