Women’s Intro to Road Touring with Adventure Cycling Association

November 6, 2014

Currently available: $629  Visit their site to learn more

Coming May 10 and July 19, 2015. Ready to hit the open road with your bike but not sure how? The Adventure Cycling Association has a solution for you. On 2 dates next year, they are offering an Introduction to Road Touring course in Virginia and Oregon. These are small group courses (only 14 ladies max) with 2 days of classroom instruction and 4 days of applying your knowledge on the road. Learn everything from what gear to pack, how to pack it, trip preparation, safety, roadside repairs, and general touring etiquette. When you hit the road, you’ll have the opportunity to actually practice what you’ve learned. Traveling through the countryside, you’ll ride around 50 miles each day, setting up camp, and sharing in your accomplishments at the end of the day with your new-found friends.