YUNI Sweat, Refresh, Go

June 12, 2017

Currently available: $32  Visit their site to learn more

No time for a shower? No problem…with the Sweat, Refresh, Go kit from our friends at YUNI! This is the latest and greatest from a company that develops products that connect yoga and beauty by addressing three needs: (1) save time (Modern Convenience); (2) prolong and enhance the effects of yoga (Everyday Pleasures); and (3) recall the sensations of the yoga moment (Anchoring Moments). The kit includes Shower Sheets, Flash Bath No-Rinse Cleanser, Chillax Muscle-Recovery Gel, and My Om World Aromatic Mist. The Shower Sheets are like large, disposable washcloths that smell wonderful (and make you smell wonderful, too!). The Flash Bath No-Rinse Cleanser is a mousse/foam-like product that cleanses, refreshes, and vanishes quickly. The Chillax Muscle Recovery Gel is a roll-on that works on those sore and aching muscles, leaving a cooling, peppermint scent. The My Om World Aromatic Mist is energizing and uplifting with a blend of geranium, bergamot, and sage essential oils. Though it’s inspired by yoga, this kit is perfect after any of your TrailblazerGirl activities. It’s free of all the bad stuff like formaldehyde, petrolatum, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfates, mineral oil, and synthetic colors or fragrances. Additionally, YUNI values protecting the environment and produces only vegan, cruelty-free, biodegradable, and sustainable products. Simplify your busy TrailblazerGirl life with YUNI’s Sweat, Refresh, Go kit!