Degree Women’s Deodorant Stick and Dry Spray

September 15, 2016

Currently available: $3.79+  Visit their site to learn more

Stay dry and fresh smelling…for longer! Let’s face it, we TrailblazerGirls sweat (some of us more than others!), and our friends at Degree have developed a unique breakthrough technology called MOTIONSENSE to help keep us protected even when we’re being our most active TrailblazerGirl-selves. With every movement, the MOTIONSENSE microcapsules burst, releasing¬†fragrance and freshness for a full 48 hours. Wow! Long lasting protection that’s both an antiperspirant that provides wetness protection and a deodorant that keeps us¬†smelling fresh all day long. Plus, no more white marks on our clothes! Yippee! There are two formulations: a solid stick and a spray that goes on dry, hence the name, Dry Spray (and it really does dry instantly!). A variety of scents are available as well. As they say at Degree, “the more you move, the more it protects”.