Teeki Hot Pants

January 8, 2019

Currently available: $70  Visit their site to learn more

Taking sustainability and conscious clothing to the max! Our friends at Teeki are serious about their vision of a “beautiful earth and a conscious community of lovers that care for the land, our oceans, and each other”. Their active wear is made using sustainable materials which are dyed and treated using an eco printing process that uses 90% less water than the standard fabric printing process and does not result in polluted water waste or ground contamination. They use carbon neutral shipping and support various non-profit organizations dedicated to ocean conservation, ending plastic pollution, and protecting marine life. Let’s talk specifics with their Hot Pants. These leggings are designed out of recycled plastic bottles…yes, like those single use plastic water bottles! The cleaned containers are chopped up and melted down to create baled fiber that is processed into fabric. Don’t worry the fabric feels and works like your standard breathable, stretchy yoga pant material, except it’s just better for the environment! The Hot Pants have a wide, elastic free waistband that can be worn up for a high fit or folded over for a low rise fit. Plus, the four way stretch makes them comfortable and non-restrictive for all your TrailblazerGirl activities. We think that Teeki is the responsible choice for eco-friendly, sustainable clothing to add to your workout wardrobe!