Tiger Balm

September 5, 2017

A long weekend means a lot of fun TrailblazerGirl activities, but it can also mean some pretty sore muscles. Fret not, because we have the cure for you! Our friends at Tiger Balm have a collection of topical analgesic products to soothe your aching muscles and joints. The key to this magic elixir is the unique […]

Bite Helper

July 17, 2017

Sometimes, no matter how much bug spray you apply, those nasty biting bugs still get to you. Scratch no more with Bite Helper to the rescue! This magic wand uses heat and vibration to get rid of the insect venom that causes the itchiness by increasing blood flow and circulation to the area, relieving that itchiness […]

Zim’s Max Arnica Homeopathic Roll-On

June 14, 2016

More help for our weary bodies from our friends at Zim’s! You recall their Max-Freeze Continuous Spray that we reviewed last month? Well, they’ve just released a new homeopathic treatment for those aches, bruises, and pains that we sometimes get from our TrailblazerGirl adventures. Meet Max Arnica Homeopathic Roll-On! It’s all natural with arnica and […]

Tilvee CBD Hemp Balm

May 18, 2016

Sometimes us active TrailblazerGirls just have some aches and pains no matter how careful we are about stretching and taking care of ourselves. Tilvee’s CBD Hemp Balm comes to the rescue, and this stuff really works! It’s composed of a unique blend of industrial hemp extract that is high in Cannabidiol (CBD) and pure essential […]

Zim’s Max-Freeze Continuous Spray

May 4, 2016

Sometimes we just overdo it with our TrailblazerGirl activities. For those times, we need Zim’s Max-Freeze Continuous Spray. In an ultra-convenient spray format, this topical analgesic is all natural with organic ilex, aloe, and arnica and none of the bad stuff like parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, paraffins, DEA, petrolatum, or mineral oil. It’s fairly quick […]

Mio Gym Kit

July 22, 2015

Freshen up with the Gym Kit from our friends at Mio. The Kit contains 10 individually packaged Clean Slate workout swipes and a bottle of Workout Wonder. Whether it’s post workout, camping, hiking, riding, or anytime you don’t have access to a shower (or don’t have time for a shower), the swipes will do the […]

2Toms BlisterShield and SportShield

July 21, 2015

Blisters and chaffing are not an inevitable consequence of all those TrailblazerGirl activities we do. Our friends at 2Toms have created 2 products to help solve these common problems: BlisterShield and SportShield. BlisterShield is a powder that repels moisture that can lead to blisters. It provides a frictionless barrier that will last through the length […]

Tuli’s Road Runners

July 20, 2015

Breathe some new life into your running shoes! Remove well-worn insoles and replace them with Tuli’s Road Runners. A specially constructed material stores and releases impact energy, putting some spring in your step, relieving your feet, and preventing injury. On top of those benefits, you also have a moisture wicking fabric that inhibits bacteria and […]


June 11, 2015

Mosquito bites will not be a problem ever again! Therapik is your magic wand for making the itch and pain of insect bites and stings go away. This FDA cleared device can be used to provide relief from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, fire ants, jellyfish, and fleas. Looking a little like a cordless electric screwdriver without […]


May 26, 2015

Oh, what a relief it is! The Q-Flex is your own personal acupressure therapist. Described as an extension of your thumb, use the Hershey Kiss-shaped tip at the end of the hook or the tip near the padded handle to put pressure on sore spots or knotted muscles. The idea is that by putting pressure […]

EvoFit ensō Travel Roller

January 16, 2015

Sometimes we overdo it with our activities. Our friends at EvoFit have designed the ensō Travel Roller to help provide some relief. This is a revolutionary muscle roller that you can easily customize to hit those areas that need attention. With 6 independent discs, which can be re-positioned to attack those problem areas. We found […]

Top Skin Care Products of 2014

December 10, 2014

And the winner is… it’s the end of the year, and we’ve just finished counting all of your Facebook likes (and shares) for our 2014 reviews in the Skin category. And the item that came out on top was… drum role please… the time-saving, Lulu Organics Hair Powder. Rounding out the top-3 were the personal […]

Biofreeze Pain Relieving Roll-On

November 20, 2013

Cooling relief for those sore muscles. Our friends at Biofreeze have developed a pain reliever to help comfort minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints that we TrailblazerGirls sometimes get after the tough exercise that we love. This topical analgesic contains menthol which creates a cooling sensation. We like the ease of application […]