May 26, 2015

Currently available: $24.95  Visit their site to learn more

Oh, what a relief it is! The Q-Flex is your own personal acupressure therapist. Described as an extension of your thumb, use the Hershey Kiss-shaped tip at the end of the hook or the tip near the padded handle to put pressure on sore spots or knotted muscles. The idea is that by putting pressure on specific muscles or trigger points (acupressure points), you stimulate the muscle tissue to release endorphins (our body’s natural pain killers) and promote circulation. Using the informative video and information on the location of specific acupressure points on the Q-Flex website, we tried it on some sore back muscles and amazingly found relief! We all have aches and pain from our TrailblazerGirl activities, and the Q-Flex will be an indispensable tool in your arsenal of tricks to keep you pain-free and happy.