Tiger Balm

September 5, 2017

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A long weekend means a lot of fun TrailblazerGirl activities, but it can also mean some pretty sore muscles. Fret not, because we have the cure for you! Our friends at Tiger Balm have a collection of topical analgesic products to soothe your aching muscles and joints. The key to this magic elixir is the unique blend of herbal ingredients developed by a Chinese herbalist over 100 years ago. The Ultra Strength Sports Rub is a clear, non-staining formulation, while the Red Extra Strength Ointment has a rust-colored tint and pleasant cinnamon scent from the cassia oil, though be aware that it can stain your clothing. Both work equally well and are non-greasy with the application of a small amount resulting in a slight warming sensation to the area and instant relief. We especially liked the Pain Relieving Patches. These flexible, ventilated hydrogel patches were comfortable and particularly useful with a recent backache. As they say, “Roar Back!” with the healing powers of Tiger Balm.