Mio Gym Kit

July 22, 2015

Currently available: $29  Visit their site to learn more

Freshen up with the Gym Kit from our friends at Mio. The Kit contains 10 individually packaged Clean Slate workout swipes and a bottle of Workout Wonder. Whether it’s post workout, camping, hiking, riding, or anytime you don’t have access to a shower (or don’t have time for a shower), the swipes will do the trick. Free from “nasties” (i.e., parabens, petrolatum, synthetic fragrance and colourants, etc.), these wipes are strong enough to get rid of your ripeness with a cucumber/mint fresh smell, yet gentle enough to use on your face to remove your makeup. The Workout Wonder truly is a wonder! It has a special blend of natural essential oils, arnica, horse chestnut, and spearmint that help relieve those tired and sore muscles as well as improve circulation for quicker recovery. Application of this light lotion/gel to a recent twisted ankle resulted in much appreciated comfort. Thank you, Mio!