2Toms BlisterShield and SportShield

July 21, 2015

Currently available: $13  Visit their site to learn more

Blisters and chaffing are not an inevitable consequence of all those TrailblazerGirl activities we do. Our friends at 2Toms have created 2 products to help solve these common problems: BlisterShield and SportShield. BlisterShield is a powder that repels moisture that can lead to blisters. It provides a frictionless barrier that will last through the length of your run, no matter how long, yet wash off easily with soap and water. SportShield is a liquid that provides an invisible coating on your skin helping to prevent chaffing. It’s non-greasy and non-toxic and also is removed with soap and water. Both products are conveniently available in individual, single use packets or larger. Two magic products that will make you so much more comfortable on your TrailblazerGirl runs, rides, hikes, even swims (using with wetsuits).