Myro Deodorant

April 30, 2019

Currently available: $10+  Visit their site to learn more

Introducing an eco-friendly, natural deodorant! Say hello to Myro. First off, it doesn’t look like your typical deodorant container. These are cool looking, mini statues that they call pods which come in 5 colors from the subdued Moss to the bright Flame. So pick the color that matches your mood and then pick your scent. There are five fun scents to choose from: Solar Flare (orange, juniper, sunflower); Big Dipper (bergamot, lavender, vetiver); Chill Wave (cucumber, jasmine, spearmint); Pillow Talk (violet leaf, ylang ylang, wild amyris); and Cabin No. 5 (vetiver, patchouli, geranium). The pods are refillable which translates into 50% less plastic being used compared with your regular deodorants. Much better for the environment! The deodorant itself is made with barley powder to keep you dry and with natural scents that are released over time. It goes on smoothly, like a cream and dries relatively quickly without staining your clothes. It’s free of aluminum, parabens and baking soda, and they never test on animals. Myro is a deodorant, meaning that it will keep you fresh smelling, even during your most strenuous TrailblazerGirl activities, but it will not totally prevent you from sweating since it’s not an antiperspirant. Cut down on waste, and smell your freshest with the natural deodorant, Myro!