Congo Tropical Plantain Chips

March 16, 2022

Currently available: $2.10  Visit their site to learn more

Disturbingly addictive! The Plantain Chips from the folks at Congo Tropical will be your next not-so-guilty pleasure. Not familiar with plantains? They are from the banana family of plants, but have more starch than the common dessert banana, are always cooked before eating, and an important part of Central and South American, Caribbean, African, and Southeast Asian cuisines. The Plantain Chips from Congo Tropical are all natural, gluten free, void of trans fats, and delicious. They have more fiber, vitamins, and minerals than potato chips, but have that same satisfying crunch and snacky appeal. Choose from salted, garlic and ripe. For a crave-worthy snack on your next TrailblazerGirl hiking adventure, check out Congo Tropical Plantain Chips!