Treblab X3 Pro

March 17, 2022

Currently available: $69.97  Visit their site to learn more

Active TrailblazerGirls need these earbuds! Our friends at Treblab designed the X3 Pro earbuds with exercise in mind. Several years ago, we introduced you to Treblab and their line of sports earbuds, and the X3 Pro is their most recent addition. The earbuds hook around your ear for stability and use, so that even during your most aggressive exercise routines, they’ll stay put, yet be amazingly comfortable. Headphone drivers are the speakers that vibrate and ‘drive’ the air into your ear canal. The driven air is what’s responsible for making the sound you hear from the headphones, and these earbuds have 11mm drivers that provide clear, crisp sound quality. Rated at IPX7, you’re assured they are waterproof (and sweatproof!) and can even be fully submerged into 1-meter deep water for up to 30 minutes and still be able to work properly after that. A long battery life is another much appreciated feature with up to 9 hours of play time at medium volume. The portable charging case has indicator lights for an easy visual to determine charging level (it only takes about 2 hours to full charge the earbuds). Keep the tunes playing with the comfort and quality of Treblab X3 Pro!