AGOGIE Women’s +20 Resistance Pants

September 24, 2021

Currently available: $129  Visit their site to learn more

Innovative pants that make every step count. The folks at AGOGIE design unique resistance apparel – specifically, their leggings have EIGHT resistance-bands built inside! Yes, resistance bands, those stretchy tools that we use as versatile strength training aids, and all EIGHT of them are sewn inside and run vertically down the legs from your waist to your ankles! As you can imagine, they are going to add constant tension to every movement – even just putting on the pants is a bit of an exercise in and of itself. Place your heel in the half-sock footie and tie the drawstring at the waistband to keep the bands extended. Then just move, whether it’s going for a run, playing tennis, walking the dog, or just running errands, you’ll have those resistance bands forcing you to exert that extra effort with every movement. Choose the +20 pants (one millimeter thick) for all day wear and endurance exercises and the +40 pants (two millimeters thick) to pump up the resistance for more intensity and more strength training exercises. Up your fitness game and join the resistance with the AGOGIE Women’s +20 Resistance Pants!