Scott Hawaii Puale’i

September 23, 2021

Currently available: $40.95  Visit their site to learn more

Wear flowers on your feet! With the aptly named Puale’i (translation: flowers that attract many; lei of flowers) from the folks at Scott Hawaii, your feet with be sitting pretty with the beautiful plumeria flowers on the straps of these flip flops. Not only are they pretty, but super comfortable thanks to the memory foam soles that support and cushion every step and the neoprene lined straps that feel soft and comfortable against the top of your foot. They are not your typical flip flop, because they have arch support and a heel cup, so you can walk all day long without blisters or discomfort. You’ll have a difficult time choosing between two lovely prints: a light blue background with white flowers or a dark green background with pink and white flowers. The Scott Hawaii Puale’i embodies the spirit of Hawaii – easy, breezy, comfortable, and of course, enchanting plumeria!