Cooling Cuff

August 18, 2021

Currently available: $34.94  Visit their site to learn more

Fifteen minutes is all you need to beat the heat! Yes, that’s right, meet Cooling Cuff, your ticket to comfort when the temperatures rise, whether it’s from an intense workout or soaring summer heat on the beach. In the box you’ll find a pair of silicone bands and 4 cooling packs. Place the cooling packs in the freezer for a few hours, and once they’re frozen, pop a pack inside the band’s cooling compartment. The other 2 cooling packs are back up ones, so that you always have frozen packs ready to cool you. Snuggly attach the bands to your wrist with the cooling packs against the underside of your wrist, one of your body’s pulse points. Feel the welcome relief in a few quick minutes as that coolness lowers your core body temperature! The reusable bands and cooling packs can be cleaned with soap and water. Cooling Cuff is your on-the-go wearable to beat the heat!