ECOlunchbox Bento Wet Box

April 6, 2021

Currently available: $34  Visit their site to learn more

Avoid the single-use, wasteful plastics trap! Our friends at ECOlunchbox have just what you need with their Bento Wet Box. Shaped like the tiffin carriers that are often multi-tiered and widely used in Asia for carrying lunches, this container is designed out of stainless steel and holds 24 ounces, that’s a good sized serving of pasta, fruit salad, or last night’s yummy leftovers. Best of all, it’s completely leak-proof, thanks to the silicone gasket in the lid and clips on either side of the round base that secure the lid. The gasket is removable for easy cleaning, and the base and lid are dishwasher safe. ECOlunchbox is serious about making a positive change environmentally and socially. They are a certified B Corp and California Green Business, exceeding all environmental regulations and implementing specific practices to reduce pollution, save water, conserve energy, and protect human health. They also offset their carbon footprint and support clean energy as well as ship all products through UPS’s carbon neutral shipping option. Be responsible and stop being wasteful, choose the beautifully designed ECOlunchbox Bento Wet Box!