Zojirushi Flip and Go Stainless Mug

June 25, 2020

Currently available: $37.99  Visit their site to learn more

Hot or cold, this one will do the trick! The Flip and Go Stainless Mug from our friends at Zojirushi will take care of all your hydration needs. The vacuum insulated stainless steel design will keep colds cold and refreshing for 6 hours (though we found that ice cubes stayed solid even longer under PNW conditions!) and hots hot for up to 6 hours with a five year warranty on this heat retention. Thanks to a 2-step process that can be done with one hand, you won’t have any leaks when you carry this thermos in your bag. Unlock the safety lock, then push the button to pop open the lid. There’s a gasket that also prevents liquids from leaking so you definitely won’t have any inconvenient problems of seepage in your backpack or bag. The wide mouth makes it a cinch to add ice cubes, and the air vent on the mouthpiece ensures smooth flowing of your beverage. Another oft overlooked detail with these types of mugs is the lid construction. Smartly, once the Zojirushi is opened, the attached lid stays open and won’t smack you in the nose when you take a drink. Also, the lid set can be taken apart completely to thoroughly clean all the parts. A useful handle makes it easy to carry or hang from a tent hook and conveniently folds flat against the body of the bottle. The Zojirushi Flip and Go Stainless Mug is a new favorite for hydration on the go!