Firebuggz Flipp Stikk

June 26, 2020

Currently available: $8  Visit their site to learn more

Avoid disappointment on your next camping trip when it comes time to roast those marshmallows! How sad is it when your perfectly roasted marshmallow slips off the stick, just as you’re about to create that yummy s’more? The folks at Firebuggz created the Flipp Stikk to help solve this problem. A two-pronged approach helps to keep those soft delicacies in place, while a unique design allows you to flip them for even browning on all sides at the flick of your wrist. A telescoping wand extends to 34 inches, ensuring your hand is safely far from the flames. It can also be used with hot dogs and sausages. Add the Firebuggz Flipp Stikk to your list of camping essentials!