The Comfy Lite

April 7, 2020

Currently available: $39.99  Visit their site to learn more

Stuck at home? It’s not so bad when you have The Comfy Lite! As you are sitting in your home office, slip the Comfy on and revel in its warmth. Designed out of a fleece microfiber, it’s like a cuddly, soft blanket with arms and a giant hood. It hits just below the knees, so it won’t drag on the floor, but it’s oversized and big enough to snuggle your feet in when you’re seated. The elastic cuffed sleeves will keep them from getting in your way as you go about your business. When we’re able to head out camping, just think how cozy it’lll be sitting around the campfire with the Comfy! The generous-sized front pocket is big enough to tuck your hands in, along with your phone, snacks and more. You can even pop it in the washer and dryer when it comes time to wash it. Choose from 3 colors. Though you’re probably not going to win any style awards, you will be super warm and cozy in The Comfy Lite!