Frank Body Body Balms

April 8, 2020

Currently available: $24.95  Visit their site to learn more

Talk about multipurpose! Use it on hands, legs, body, hair, lips, and face..that seems to cover it all! It’s the 2 Body Balms from our friends at Frank Body. This cult-beauty product from the folks down under is formulated with naturally derived coffee seed oil for¬†perky, not-puffy skin, the mega-moisturizing coconut oil, vitamin- and fatty acid-rich grapeseed oil, and bee’s wax to help seal in all that nourishing goodness. Choose from the Body Balm which also has sweet almond oil to help reduce scars and blemishes and a hint of citrus scent to it, or the Coconut Body Balm which is free of nuts (no sweet almond oil) with jojoba seed oil instead and smells faintly of sweet coconut. We mentioned multipurpose and here’s the scoop…these balms can be used to add much needed moisture to those areas with post-winter dryness, work magic on those inevitable marks and scars from our TrailblazerGirl adventures, nourish calloused feet and dry cuticles, and even help with split ends and dry, fly-away hair! For a super versatile¬†moisturizer, check out Frank Body Body Balms!