FoxFury Scout Clip Light

October 8, 2018

Currently available: $39.99  Visit their site to learn more

See and be seen with the FoxFury Scout Clip Light! About the size and shape of an old-time pager (are we dating ourselves here?!), this versatile light is very handy to have on all your TrailblazerGirl adventures. The design allows it to stand up on its own at the camp table, be clipped onto your backpack or belt for those night hikes, or simply held in your hand. Choose from an all white LED model that puts out 65 lumens with a low or high setting. Or select a white and red LED model which at the click of a button, allows you to cycle through five modes: white, red, both white and red, simultaneously flashing red and white, and alternating red and white flash. Each comes in a black or orange exterior designed to be submersible, impact resistant, and fire resistant. Rugged and versatile, the FoxFury Scout Clip Light is a must for TrailblazerGirls.