Wet-it! Cloths

September 26, 2018

Currently available: $4.95+  Visit their site to learn more

An eco-friendly alternative to paper towels! Wet-it! Cloths are ultra-absorbent cloths that hail as a Swedish invention from the 40s and are a cross between a paper towel, sponge, and rag. It’s no wonder that this highly environmentally conscious country, which has a goal to use 100%┬árenewable energy by 2040, came up with these reusable, bio-degradable, efficient cloths. Made out of high grade cotton and wood pulp, they can absorb 15 times their weight and are super durable, lasting for at least 6 months. Conveniently, you can clean them in the washing machine or dishwasher. Such a simple, lightweight invention that comes in so handy when camping, wiping down your gear, scrubbing the dirt off your mountain bike, cleaning up around the house, washing the dog, and more. Choose from a huge variety of prints and styles. Wet-it! Cloths are a smart choice for all those dirty jobs!