Life+Gear USB Rechargeable Hang Lantern

June 22, 2018

Currently available: $16.99  Visit their site to learn more

Take this little cutie on your next camping trip! The Life+Gear USB Rechargeable Hang Lantern is about the size of a tennis ball, and despite its small size, it puts out a bright 100 lumens. It has 3 settings: high (100 lumens), medium (50 lumens), and low (15 lumens). Cleverly, the USB recharging cable doubles as a loop to hang it inside your tent, on a backpack strap, or from a branch outside. It charges in 2.5 hours and has a run time of 4 hours on high and 14 hours on low. The design allows it to radiate 360°, and it’s waterproof and impact resistant for worry-proof usage on the trails. Hang out with Life+Gear USB Rechargeable Hang Lantern!