February 1, 2018

Currently available: $3.29  Visit their site to learn more

Duct tape without the roll! RediTape is a genius idea that takes that ever handy duct tape and packages it in a super convenient pocket-sized bundle. We all know how practical duct tape is to have when you’re in the outdoors from repairing a leak in your inflatable kayak to patching a hole in your tent to a makeshift bandage or sling. Not to mention all the other more, shall we say unconventional uses, like: treating warts, lint and pet hair removal, and creating shoes or clothing (yes, we saw a YouTube video!). Though this multiuse piece of gear can solve so many problems, we hesitate to take it along because it’s so bulky and heavy, taking up too much precious space in our packs. Now with RediTape, you won’t have these issues. It’s so compact and thin, weighs almost nothing, and comes in palm sized packets of 5 yards of quality, durable duct tape in 8 colors. RediTape is a must-have in your TrailblazerGirl survival pack, camping kit, or suitcase, and you won’t miss the roll!