February 1, 2018

Currently available: $35  Visit their site to learn more

Wheels on wheels! BikeBus is a novel gym on wheels in Boston, Massachusetts. A seemingly ordinary city bus has been converted to an indoor cycling studio. The exercise bikes are secured to the floor of the bus as it tours past various sightseeing landmarks around the city. Cycling shoes are not necessary, but if you have them, you can wear them since there is a clip system on every bike. A┬ápatent-pending safety restraint system ensures that you’re safe on your bike as the bus makes its way through traffic. A gel-padded seat attachment is provided for added comfort during this music filled spin class. The bus is climate controlled, and towels, water bottles and snacks are provided. For a fun, 45 minute workout through the Boston sights (in any kind of weather!), check out BikeBus!