Kyocera Outdoor Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife and Sheath Set

August 9, 2017

Currently available: $34.95  Visit their site to learn more

Super light yet effective! The Outdoor Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife and Sheath Set from the folks at Kyocera is your set for outdoor cooking, the TrailblazerGirl way. Thanks to the proprietary advanced ceramic material, this 4 inch knife weighs half that of similar sized steel knives and yet holds its edge at least 10 times longer than steel blades. Plus, it won’t rust, corrode, or transfer metal ions to food. A comfortable, ergonomic grip makes meal prep easy and effortless – expect clean, precise slices of fruits, veggies, and meats. Though the knife is very sharp, care instructions advised against using it for boning or on frozen food or cheese since the ceramic is not flexible and the blade could break or chip. The handy sheath makes transport in your pack or on your belt safe and secure. On your next camping trip or picnic, be sure to pack the Kyocera Outdoor Ceramic Camp Kitchen Knife and Sheath Set.


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