Alpine ICE

August 4, 2017

Currently available: $1,499.99  Visit their site to learn more

Cool music, literally! The Alpine ICE (In-Cooler Entertainment) is a cooler AND speaker system. The cooler is a rugged Grizzly cooler with a 56 quart capacity, heavy duty hinge construction, nylon rope handles with sleeved rubber grips, and a convenient two-inch plug and drain channel on the back. The speaker system produces high quality, crisp sound without distortion, even at loud volumes. It’s Bluetooth-compatible with a range of up to 30 feet, and alternatively, there’s an AUX-in jack that gives you the flexibility to connect to your music, anywhere. Power is supplied by your car’s 12 Volt AUX power outlet via the supplied 16-foot cable or you can use an external power generator. So on your next camping trip, beach outing, or backyard BBQ, crank up the music and open a cold bottle with the Alpine ICE!