Polygiene and La Sportiva

June 12, 2017

Currently available: $79  Visit their site to learn more

Wash less AND stink less! Yes, it’s possible with the amazing Polygiene Odor Control Technology! The folks at La Sportiva have teamed up with Polygiene to incorporate this anti-stink magic in some of their latest trail running apparel. Here’s a mini lesson on what makes our clothes nasty smelling: Sweat doesn’t stink. It’s the odor-causing bacteria that does. So it logically follows that if you can prevent the odor-causing bacteria from growing, then you won’t have yucky smelling clothes. It’s Polygiene’s silver salt from recycled silver that prevents the growth of the bacteria which is bonded to the quick-wicking synthetic fabric used in La Sportiva’s Medea T-shirt (seen above), for example. We found that it was a fantastic base layer top for all our TrailblazerGirl extended adventures. So for a long weekend camping trip, the Polygiene treated shirt could be worn multiple times without washing and without scaring others away with our scent! Genius! Not only are you saving energy, water, time and money by not washing your clothes as frequently, you’re extending the life of those clothes. Check out La Sportiva’s 2017 line and be sure to get those special items that feature Polygiene!