Trilipiderm Advanced Retinol Treatment

October 16, 2023

Currently available: $199.95  Visit their site to learn more

Gentle, gentle, gentle! Trilipiderm Advanced Retinol Treatment allows you to jump on the retinol bandwagon even if you have sensitive skin. We introduced you to our friends at Trilipiderm a few years ago, and their wonderful products that are formulated with antioxidants and botanicals that mimic your skin cell structure and function like your skin cells. We are super excited to share with you, their recently released Advanced Retinol Treatment, their highest level anti-aging treatment to date. Because retinol can be harsh and irritating to your skin, Trilipiderm has smartly created a 3 phase treatment to let your skin acclimate to the ingredient before ramping up the potency. Phase I starts with 1.5%, Phase 2 advances to 3.5%, and Phase 3 completes with 5.5% retinol. The regimen is cumulative, so just apply 1-2 pumps each night until the bottle is finished, then move on to the next phase. Once all three phases are completed, it’s recommended to restart the treatment once or twice more in the year. We found the system to be extremely light and airy on the skin and non-irritating, yet effective at giving us smooth, fresh skin while minimizing those lines and especially the crow’s feet that come with aging. Yippee! For all the benefits of retinol without the irritation, be sure to add Trilipiderm Advanced Retinol Treatment to your skincare routine!