June 1, 2017

Currently available: $30  Visit their site to learn more

Clever, clever! TrailblazerGirls, you need Aquabot for your next camping trip, beach day, hiking trek, or anytime it’s hot outside! Masquerading as an ordinary water bottle on the outside, the magic is actually the special cap that has a pump barrel, intake tube, pump handle, and nozzle cap. Add water to the bottle, leaving about 2 inches of air from the top of the bottle neck, pump about 6 times, and spray! There are 3 settings for the spray: mist (great for those hot days); stream (perfect for cleaning those camp dishes or better yet, for water fights!); and shower (obviously, for showers and also drinking directly out of the bottle). No batteries are needed, just your minimal arm power and you’ll have a 25 foot stream of water! How cool is that! (yes, pun intended!). Note that the cap can be purchased alone and fits on most wide mouth bottles. Aquabot will turn a regular water bottle into a versatile and efficient hydrating, cooling, cleaning machine!